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If you’re interested in increasing cash flow and improving your lighting at the same time, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end. It starts with a risk-free no obligation site assessment. It ends with more money in the bank, more enjoyable working conditions and an improved customer experience.



1. Site Audit

2. Proposal

3. Rebate & Financing

4. Implementation

5. Increased Cash Flow

how it breaks down

The project begins with a free, no-obligation assessment. Without interrupting operations, we take a short visit to your facility and gather data about your existing lighting system, energy consumption and work flow patterns.

Opportunity Assessment

You will receive a break-down of the project economics. We will present the solutions and answer all your questions. 

Opportunity Proposal

Our lighting designers will ensure that your retrofit or redesign optimizes your space. Using the correct photometry and specifications is critical for successful project. 

Illumination Design

You’ll receive a comprehensive report that details your economic, energy and environmental savings. Not only can you save up to 90% on energy, LEDs have significantly longer operating lives and can save you additional dollars on replacement parts and labour. The intelligent system will be fine-tuned to further capture savings from day lighting and occupancy changes, leading to a more rapid payback.

Investment Analysis

Once your needs are understood, we work with you to select the most valuable and cost-effective option available. We have options from simple plug-and-play technology to intelligent systems.

Tailored Product Matching 

You can greatly reduce the initial investment of your project by taking advantage of financial rebates and subsidies. We will ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements and will complete all the necessary paperwork to make this happen.

Subsidy & Rebate Processing

With zero-down project financing you can have better lighting installed before making a single payment. Your capital lease is set to be as short as possible and in many cases your savings will exceed your payments (cash flow positive).

Project Financing

We arrange all aspects of supply, transport and warranty fulfillment (typically 5 years).

Procurement & Warranty

Installation is scheduled to have a non-disruptive impact on your operations. Our electrical team will work with you to accommodate your unique needs. 

Installation & Commissioning

All existing lamps are packaged and transported to an authorized recycling facility. The process is designed to be as safe and sustainable as possible - metals and glass are recycled and mercury and phosphors are reused.

Lamp Recycling

We will gather data before and after the project to accurately verify your energy savings. 

Measure and verification